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Monitor OnAStick™      

The network troubleshooting tool for your desk drawer

Three important network tools combined into an easy-to-use bootable stick. Save hours of configuration time. Just plug it in, boot, configure and go.

Available 2nd quarter 2012
    Identify bandwidth hogs, protocol problems, malware and broken equipment

    • Bootable USB stick
    • Hardened FreeBSD OS
    • Uses the ringmap stack for high performance packet capture
    • Most NICs supported, see FAQ for details
    • Ntop network monitor
    • Wireshark packet sniffer
    • Bandwidth usage monitor
    • Easy 2 minute menu based configuration
    • After initial configuration, web based console for administrative functions
    • Use almost any PC with 2 or more NICs that can boot off a USB stick
    • Persistent configuration options - set it once and forget it
    • Use any browser as a console
    • RAM based, does not use any existing hard drives on the system
    • Remove the stick and return the PC to its original function
Just $89.95, with free shipping (Continental US only, Michigan residents add 6% sales tax)